In January 2019, a dear friend took his life. I spent the subsequent months dredging through the unique complex feelings of grief that occur when you lose someone through suicide. With a relationship that was complicated by addiction issues, I hadn’t spoken to him in a few months before he passed and found out when I landed back in Canada after a vacation abroad for a month.

I began exploring ways to grieve. For someone who doesn’t follow a religion or have a personal set of rituals for death, I started creating my own.

I spoke with my moms friend, a medium and a neighbour, three times to try to make sense of this loss. One of these conversations was recorded for this video.

Months after his passing, I got a tattoo to remember him by. A shell, an affectionate nickname he had for me.

I made this video.

These are the ways I grieve, try to make sense, find meaning, let go and remember

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